Welcome to 2016 – A Universal Year of Completion

Hello everyone!

I decided to make this post a little different as I hold diversity in high regard and I want to share some very interesting and valuable information from another source. I am fascinated by the science of Numerology and I want to give you an update for this new year that we just walked into and wish you much love and light on your continued journey to yourself and your soul.
Please find it below:

Sky Guidance & Earth Wisdom for January 2016

Written by Alana Fairchild

“In 2016, we enter into a global 9 year, bringing to a close the cycle that began in 2008. This is the most powerful opportunity we have during the entire nine year cycle to clear and release whatever we don’t wish to carry forward with us into the next nine year cycle.

Take a moment to consider how much you have grown and evolved since this cycle began with a 1 year in 2008. How have you matured over that time? What are you able to do now – perhaps with serenity in your heart – that you would have been too afraid to even attempt back then?

Are there behaviors, relationships, attitudes and experiences that you don’t wish to continue to energize, that would be better left in the past rather than carried forward in your life?

This year brings the opportunity to acknowledge just how far you have come whilst you open yourself up to the possibilities awaiting you, preparing yourself for a beautiful new cycle.

Just before the new moon on 10th January, it is the perfect time to ask the Universe for divine assistance in clearing away any remnants from this closing cycle, so that you are free and clear to start afresh by the end of 2016. You can say aloud to Life, “I trust you! I let go! I forgive! I am ready to begin anew!”.

2016 is really the year to be brave about what no longer needs to be a part of your world. The more you let go, the more space you create to receive what is divinely destined for you. The Universe will help you transition from the past cycle into a far more joyful and inspired turn on your spiral of life if you allow it. Don’t hold on or hold back. In a 9 year we do best by letting go! Just think how much easier it will be for you to move forward with lightness of spirit when you no longer carry the weight of the past within your heart.

On a spiritual level 2016 is a ripe time to cultivate gratitude for all the gifts you have been given – the opportunities but also the challenges, your own personal obstacle course designed by the Universe to lovingly empower you to fulfill your divine potential. The more you can allow yourself to feel gratitude for all that you have come through, all that you have become through your challenges and opportunities, the more you will trust and open up to further blessings from the Universe.

Gratitude is an unsurpassed force of attraction. In gratitude, we become naturally magnetic and receptive to blessing. Want something more? Take some time to be grateful for what you have already been given. It will relax your heart, bring peace to your mind and open you up to receive from this generous Universe that wishes for so much goodness in your world.

In January, we not only begin the 9 year for 2016, but also enter into a double 1 month. We are carrying forward the 11.11 energy from December. It will be with us again in October and November of 2016. This is the Universe giving us more chances to rise up, to be lifted by grace, to begin anew at a higher frequency. It is a message from the Universe saying, “Tell me what you wish to initiate, to begin, to say ‘YES!’ to in your life and I’ll help you get there!”

All through this year we are getting a hand up the ladder of consciousness from the Universe. It is best to be daring with such a spiritual gift. Daring enough to dream of a different life and daring enough to take different actions, to let go without fear, to open up with curiosity and trust and to believe in the impossible being made possible for you. Why not? In every day life there are so many things that we take for granted that once upon a time would have been considered beyond the realm of possibility.

Remember, whatever you want to create, the Universe is going to agree with you. So just before the full moon on 23-24 January, let the Universe know what is in your heart, what you dream of not only for this coming year, but for your life. What makes your heart feel alive? What brings you a sense of joy and peace? Tell the Universe! Even if it means standing in the garden under moonlight and speaking aloud with one hand on your heart, feeling the earth beneath your feet and your eyes gazing at the skies above. Invite family and friends to join you if you wish. The January full moon is known as the Wolf Moon. Why not howl at it too, letting the sound of your soul carry your intentions to the skies? Delicious!

If you want to deepen your sense of personal connection to the loving and guiding mind of the Universe, to get closer to unconditional trust (and therefore unconditional empowerment) of the workings of the divine in your life, then this is the year to do it. How? Dare to talk to the divine every day this year. Dare to say, “Today I unconditionally trust and unconditionally empower the Universe to bring my juiciest, most loving, beautiful and divinely merciful magic into my heart, mind and world. To the ever-loving divine I say, I’m ready! Let’s play!”.

This year can be your most spiritually-inspired, uplifting and freeing year yet. May you enter into the graceful energy of the 9 year with an open mind and trusting heart. May your every act of trust be met with sweet soul success and a deepening realization of the unconditional love that the Universe has for you.

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