Excerpt from “Free Will”

‘You see, the graceful way your body winds
Your charming smile, your lips, and eyes
Your heart, the one you want others to believe is made of ice,
They’re all made from pieces of sunrise
And your true nature, the same one you try to deny
Is the universe’s manifestation of the sky
There’s nothing besides your point of view you need to revise!
You cheat, you improvise
You think your mind is your ally when it’s really your vice
You confuse inanimate commodities with the real prize
You let yourself falsely believe that by knocking others you’ll rise
You lose sight of your value, you mistake truth for lies
Free will…what a gamble…human curiosity is never satisfied.’

I noticed that for the most part I have been sharing excerpts from the first lines of my poems. I never really thought about why. I guess I’ve been hoping that the beginning reaches and grabs the reader inspiring a desire to read the rest. But often times we are so impatient…we skip directly to the end to see if we like it and then go back to the beginning if we find that it might be worth our while, or we rush through in a hurry to get to the end that we miss so many important little details. The above excerpt is the ending of Free Will and I chose to post it because recently I have been thinking a lot about the way my journey started and the way my whole life has progressed so far. Some of us are “backwards” so to speak. Sometimes we think, say, do, experience, and mature a little differently than expected and follow our own pattern. Sometimes we walk in through the door that says Exit and walk out through the one clearly labeled Entrance. Sometimes we are curious…and that is ok, as long as we don’t lose ourselves in that curiosity.