Excerpt from “Broken Society”

Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat by Detelina Stamatova

Excerpt from “Broken Society”:

“Broken society,
Divided by false piety,
Break free from your chains!
Stop marching toward death and ghastly remains,
Change your direction and and dance!”

Poetry With No End

A bright and open young mind gave me an idea that I really like…and also gave me the first line of a poem that we can all write together!  I added my line next.
Let’s keep it going and see what we can create!

Here goes:

I’m free as a bird yet I’m trapped in the atmosphere;
I’m close yet so far from all I hold dear;

Excerpt from “A Woman In Love”

Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat by Detelina Stamatova

Excerpt from “A Woman In Love”:

“The patient drop of water penetrating through rocks;
The salmon forever swimming against the current;
The ray of light coming through a dark and angry sky’s cracks;
The Amen at the end of each pryer and sermon;”

Excerpt from “I’d Still”

Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat by Detelina Stamatova

Excerpt from “I’d Still”:

“Two kinds of visions are in costant battle in my head;
Those In which we are peaceful and whole…
And those others… of the faithless and the walking dead,
Of the ones that don’t believe they deserve or can be anything more.”

From Frustration to Elation – It’s Up To You!

“All these feelings and emotions,
They take over me and mess up my focus.
So much wrong in the world.
Pretense and fear around me in swirls;” (Frustrations)

When you make the decision to walk the spiritual path and to fulfill the mission of your soul, you have to say Goodbye to everything and everyone in your life that hinders your growth and holds you back.  You are here to learn, experience, and grow.  That is the simple answer to the big question, Why am I here?,  asked repeatedly by humanity over time.  Growth and freedom only happen when you learn detachment.  If you cannot yet be alone and feel complete and at peace, the ultimate freedom, surround yourself only with like-minded people which is a great way to exchange positive energy, share valuable life lessons, and soak wisdom.  Make sure, however, that you learn to be comfortable on your own.  Silence and solitude are the places where you are closest to yourself and to the universe.   Loving others, particularly ones that you have surpassed in growth and ones that bring only negativity and behaviors yielding results that are not beneficial to your betterment, does not mean that you need them around or that you are deserting them by distancing yourself from them.  When someone is hurt and angry, they constantly project that hurt and that anger, some on purpose and others completely subconsciously, onto their surroundings so that is the only thing they can reflect back to themselves.  A place of anger and hurt is a place we should never allow ourselves to turn into our permanent residence even though it is easy to do so as we find comfort in the chaos that we live in and constantly, subconsciously or consciously, create because we are so familiar with it.  The unknown can be terrifying because of our gnawing desire to know and understand everything at the time we want to know and understand it but courage cannot live without fear.  What we need to understand is that we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves.  That is the only control and power we have, the one over ourselves.

The magic happens when you begin healing and your reality and surroundings start being affected by this new positive energy that you are exerting.  You cannot help the energy that flows from you but you can help the kind of energy you accept.  Broken people don’t necessarily have the intention of hurting others.  It is just that heartbreak is all they are capable of in that condition.  Just as people that choose to heal themselves can’t help but project positivity wherever they go.  So, in a sense, you have to be a little selfish when it comes to presenting others with the gift of your presence and company.  Sometimes absence can be the greatest gift you can give another because it speaks louder than any words and carries the most valuable lessons.  It is very important to know and be able to sense the thin line between being helpful to yourself and others and being harmful to both, especially if you are an empath, a person who easily apprehends others’ mental state, emotions, and feelings.  When you become invaded by those energies, your intention to help will only lead to the opposite not only for the other person/people involved, but for yourself as well.  If you are like me and dislike being misunderstood or appearing unethical, uncaring or cold, you have to understand that people will read into your words and actions the way they perceive themselves and their own reality.  Again, we can only reflect back to us what we project.  The truth is that we are not put on the Earth to be understood by another human being.  We were put here to learn, know, and understand ourselves.  We are all individually unique and the amazing part, to me, is that each unique particle, entirely its own, is a peace of the whole, and while so exclusive and one of a kind, it is also the same as the next one, the same as the whole.  I find it beautiful and extraordinary.  So how can you not be thankful for the human experience?  Through the harsh moments and through the happy ones, the human experience is the greatest gift the universe, or God, as that is one of the ways I refer to creation, has granted.

When a person crosses the threshold of understanding and starts seeing themselves and the world for what it really is, and still chooses to keep their destructive behaviors, it is either because they are not ready to let go of their pain, or because of simple weakness of character.  The spiritual path is not easy, it calls for discipline and devotion.  It is a great challenge in a reality like ours.  The ego is a powerful force and it clings to emotions that lead to actions that we will, in our pure state of being, find unreasonable and unacceptable.  Aligned with the mind, which has ways of justifying every single action we take and move we make, it can put a very unbecoming image of us out into the universe that will ultimately bring our own demise.  Make your mind work for your benefit, make it work WITH you and FOR you rather than AGAINST you.  Learn patience, learn your flaws, know your demons, explore the depth of your ego, and utilize that knowledge.

Not every day is a blast.  Things are always easier said than done.  Meditation and detachment are key ingredients because every time you step out in the world and are among people, you are affected by them and there is so much pain, misery, ignorance, and deception that surrounds us.  That feeling of being attacked and swollen by it is what I am reflecting in “Frustrations.”  The poem is my personal rebellion against it.

In my very first blog, Guilt – A Fascinating Word, I talk about our ultimate purpose, which we are so far from in the world right now, to be good to one another and to grow together in order to live in harmony with the Earth.  I focus on the fact that we are doing the exact opposite and that being loving and caring has become a shortcoming and a means of self destruction.  It is heartbreaking and I really hope that I can stress enough the fact that we cannot help anyone better themselves without first entirely focusing on ourselves and on our own betterment through detaching from anything and anyone that is not beneficial to our growth and to the expansion of our minds.

Excerpt from “Tuesday”

Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat by Detelina Stamatova

Excerpt from “Tuesday”:

“It’s going to be a wonderful night, a wondefrul day, an amazing life. And I will smile and laugh through it and you will smile and laugh with me. Together like this, all people, one people, one love, one Earth, endless life.”

Guilt – A Fascinating Word

Guilt as defined in the Miriam-Webster dictionary is:
: responsibility for a crime or for doing something bad or wrong.

: a bad feeling caused by knowing or thinking that you have done something bad or wrong.

Then, I feel, we have to define bad and wrong but I fear those definitions have gotten lost in the way of life we are accustomed to in these modern times. The reason for that, according to myself of course, is the fact that life has lost its true definition and become a test for survival. A competition for power. In that case what would have been considered an act of kindness, like helping someone up that has slipped and fallen for example, would be ultimately bad and wrong because now that you have stopped and done that, you have slowed down and veered from your path which can cost you a lot. The blow comes when that the same someone you just sacrificed a portion of the race for survival for, gets up and stabs you in the back thus eliminating you from the competition. “No good deed goes unpunished” has become a truth in the world and a standard to live by. Being kind has turned into a weakness to be taken advantage of. People have become so untrusting that it seems unbelievable these days that someone can be kind just because that is who they are.  We have lost sight of who we really are, reflections of the universe.  Kindness has become a means of manipulation in order to achieve a personal want or need. We adapt to our environment and since such is the environment that surrounds us, we have adapted to being heartless and selfish. We are expected to be a certain way and we fulfill that expectation without thinking twice about it.
So it seems that either way you become guilty. If you stop, help, and then get pushed down, you’re guilty for stopping in the first place and if you tend to be harsh on yourself, you feel guilty for letting yourself get fooled, slowed down, and hurt.  The frustration is intensified because it seems you are getting punished for trying to help. On the other hand, if you keep going you may feel guilty again, this time for not showing compassion and only centering on yourself.
The trick would be to find a balance between the urge to extend a helping hand and the urge for self-preservation. In a world like the one we live in, it is easy to lose self worth because we strive to be accepted and to fit in. Self worth doesn’t fit in with today’s standards. So good people get taken advantage of for being good. And the ones that take advantage of them are not entirely to blame because for the most part they are blind to what they are doing. “The most dangerous liar is the one who believes they are telling the truth.” We are raised in a society where lies are projected as truth and vice versa. So we grow up confused, broken, and defective. Then we infect the next person with our illness and the chain reaction continues.  “Energy is never lost, it is only transferred or transformed.”
I believe we can manage to turn everything around by first taking a look inside and being honest with ourselves about our motives and intentions. If we were to start truly caring about ourselves, I don’t mean being selfish and focusing on possessions and material things, but caring about our spirits, minds, and bodies, and start being kind to ourselves, then kindness towards others will come easy, it wouldn’t hurt or slow us down because now our path would have transformed from one toward survival into one toward growth and self realization.  Now living would not be a competition any more but rather a symbiosys where everyone benefits from helping the one next to them. The truth is that no one can run from who they really are and the feeling of guilt for having strayed away from true spirit always finds its way. The funny thing is that when it first comes to someone who has long lost the child within, they can’t recognize the feeling. But is comes anyway. Then they have a choice to make. This feeling can either be ignored or faced. The thing is that it can only be ignored for a moment as it is impossible to outsmart. It becomes a cage and you become imprisoned. The soul only craves love and the lifestyle of the modern world is mostly, if not entirely, offensive to it.
I find that the people, and they are out there, that have managed to keep their heart regardless of the trials and challenges they have been presented with, the ones that find it in themselves to keep their faith in the beauty of life no matter what they have been through, are the strongest ones. That love and care that is considered weakness, is the greatest power there is. If two people take a walk through hell, figuratively speaking, and face the exact same things, they will both be affected by them. Given that they both survive and come out alive, they will both be considered strong now having survived hell. However, if one loses who they are afterwards and the warmth of their heart slips away completely while the other continues to be able to love and to smile, which one would you say is the stronger one? Wouldn’t it be obvious that evil won in one case and not in the other? These are the kinds of questions that go through mind when I first meet someone. Do you consider yourself a winner or a loser? Good or bad? How do you define good and bad? Are you on good terms with yourself?
In “Guilty” I am focusing on my feeling of guilt to myself. Many of us are guilty in the same way. I have felt guilty for losing myself in my thirst for love and kindness in a world that has lost the meaning of those. Love can only be found within, that is where it starts and that is the only place it can end.