Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat

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84 pages

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Lyrics Of The Soul: Heartbeat is the chapter following Lyrics Of The Soul: A Warrior’s Journey and is a gathering of poetic expression meant to be shared with the hopes to touch and inspire the readers. We share one soul, one heart, and one Earth. Let’s save it together!


About Detelina Stamatova

Detelina Stamatova is a poet who carries all of the characteristics that define poetry-a natural mixture of love, indifference, happiness, sadness, extreme individualism, intense unity…and an untamed stirring, a dream for all people standing together as one to create a better world in the name of Love.



…and so within every action, every word, every minute, every hour,
in every encounter throughout every day there is a cry for help to
try together, to grow together, to open our minds together, to
change together, to recognize our hearts beat as one and we are
made of the same etherial and esoteric matter. As I change, you
change. As you change, I change. We grow together. It’s going to
be a wonderful night, a wonderful day, an amazing life. And I will
smile and laugh through it and you will smile and laugh with me.
Together like this, all people, one people, one love, one Earth,
endless life.


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